The Imperial Court of All Oklahoma, Inc.

a Non-Profit 501(c)(3) Charity

Board of Directors

Each open Board Position is elected at the start of the Reign for a 2 year term unless other wise noted below.

See PNP's for duties of each position.

President & Secretary and Member at Large are elected - Even Years. 
Vice President and Treasurer are elected - Odd Years.
Dean of the College/E&E Council are the Dawnger Monarch(s) for the current reign.


Executive Board


Ray Wilkins

(ICP to Reign XIV Lottie Dah / Absolute Emperor XI Ray St. DeVasquez Stone)

Email President


Vice President

Jim Scudder-Barfield

(ICP to Reign XIV, Daddy Jim Scudder-Whorez)

Email Vice President



Joe Scudder-Barfield

(Empress XII, Keri Jo Scudder-Allan)

Email Secretary


Lyn Kovacs

 (Duchess to Reign XIV - Psychosis)

Email Treasurer

Non-Executive Board

Member at Large

Raymond Stephens

(Baron to Reign XIV - Pup Razer Wulf)

Email Primary Member at Large

Ian Williams 

(Knight to Reign XIV - Ian Williams Tarclure)

Email Secondary Member at Large

Dean(s) - College of Monarchs / E&E Council

Absolute Empress XIII

Rayna Over

Email Dean


Emperor XIV

Eric' Shun Tarclure

(Paul McClure)

Email Emperor 

Empress XIV

Mogranna Pheeling Tarclure

(Jeff Tarwater)

Email Empress

Non Voting Members 

Imperial Crown Prince

Jim Scudder-Barfield

(Daddy Jim)

Email Imperial Crown Prince

Imperial Crown Princess

Ray Wilkins

(Lottie Dah)

Email Imperial Crown Princess