The Imperial Court of All Oklahoma, Inc.

a Non-Profit 501(c)(3) Charity

Line of Succession

Imperial Crown Prince to Reign XIV

His Royal Highness,

Daddy Jim Scudder-Whorez

Imperial Crown Princess to Reign XIV

Her Royal Highness,

Lottie Dah

Prince Royale to Reign XIV

His Highness
Triton Scudder-Paige

Princess Royale to Reign XIV

Her Highness

Kitty Quinn Scudder-Khrystian

Grand Duke to Reign XIV

His Grace

Jay Scudder-Gable

Grand Duchess to Reign XIV

Her Grace

Aurora Jo MorningStar

Duke to Reign XIV


Onre AF Hydrate

Billy Friday

Duchess to Reign XIV


Krystall Scudder-Cilyn

Marquis to Reign XIV

Grump E. Gnome

Marquessa to Reign XIV

Baron to Reign XIV

Big Daddy

Pup Razer Wulf

Sir Phoenix Wulf

Count to Reign XIV

Elroy Avery

Michael Friday

Baroness to Reign XIV

The Lady Tapioca

Countess to Reign XIV

Fancy Feast

MissDomeanor MorningStar

Knight to Reign XIV

Toby Duncan

Ser to Reign XIV

Ash Knight

Dame to Reign XIV

Ruby Dawn Tarclure

Lord to Reign XIV

Peter MorningStar

Demarco Thomys-Fyre

Rod Benham

Ian Williams

Lady to Reign XIV

Ali MorningStar

Hazel Jo MorningStar



Scotty Dormont

King Father In-Realm

Scrappy Saint Johns

King Fathers Out-of-Realm

JR Duran

Ray Byers

Queen Mother In-Realm

Keri Jo Scudder-Allan

Queen Mothers Out-of-Realm

Italy-Nicole Jenkins

Penny Cilyn

Imperial Grandfather

John Terrill

Imperial Grandmother

Donna Dumea


Fred Lewis

Jeff Germany

Honorary Member

TJ Cubby/Vickie Fontaine


Cris Tribble

Landon J Fatale

Brothers to Their Majesties

Ryan Hernandez

Jonn Thurman

Pio Contreras

Little Brothers to Their Majesties

Boy Earl

Gary Jenkins


Tasha Simmone Starr

Ivanna Cupcake

Sisters to Their Majesties

Stephanie Savon

Melinda Morgan Walker

Brandie Marie Powers

Little Sister to Their Majesties

Ilexa Raleigh Snapp

Their Majesties Grub Hub

Other Options

Imperial Caretakers of Wags and Whiskers

A Friend for a Friend

Holders of the Red Ribbon

Grateful Day Foundation

The Legion of Red, White, and Blue

Northeast Oklahoma Veterans Freedom Tour

Keepers of His Majesty's LIT

The Tulsa Eagle

Keepers of Her Majesty's Washington Apple

CLJ's Bar

Home Away from Home

The District Lounge Bar

Keeper of the Shears

Courtney Hagler

Keeper of the Sharpies

Ryan Hernandez

Their Majesties Sounding Board

Brian Blevins