The Imperial Court of All Oklahoma, Inc.

a Non-Profit 501(c)(3) Charity


Absolute Empress 13

Rayna Country Mann Over

Her Majesty's Drink - 
Her Majesty's Shot - 
Her Majesty's Colors - 
Her Majesty's Flower - 
Her Majesty's Spirit Animal - 

Reign XIII Theme

Reign XIII Charities

Reign XIII Song

Line of Succession

Imperial Crown Prince to Reign XIII

His Royal Highness,

Eric Shun

Imperial Crown Princess to Reign XIII

Her Royal Highness,

Morganna Pheeling-Tarclure

Prince Royale to Reign XIII

His Highness, Triton Leon Paige

Princess Royale to Reign XIII

Her Highness, Lottie Dah

Grand Duke to Reign XIII

Billy Friday

Grand Duchess to Reign XIII

Duke to Reign XIII

Jay Scudder-Gable

Just Mitch

Duchess to Reign XIII

Marquis to Reign XIII

Scotty Dormont

Marquessa to Reign XIII

Aurora Jo Riviera MorningStar

Baron to Reign XIII

Count to Reign XIII

Dr. Michael Friday

Baroness to Reign XIII

Countess to Reign XIII

Lyndsey Kay

Knight to Reign XIII

Elroy Avery

Andrew Kovacs

Ocean Armani

Sir Phoenix Wulf


Alexander Knightly Jackson

Tracy Harris (Honorary)

Dame to Reign XIII

Fancy Feast

Susan  Staffard


Ann Rena (Honororay)

Lord to Reign XIII

Daddy Jim Scudder-Whorez

Lady to Reign XIII

Krystall Scudder-Cilyn

Lady Tapioca

Mista Meaner

Kitty Quinn Khrystian


Brother Court to Reign XIII

Sister Court to Reign XIII

 Imperial Consort

King Father in Realm (Tulsa)

Scrappy Saint Johns

Queen Mother In Realm (Tulsa)

Cougar Anne Wiley

King Father in Realm (OKC) 

Jeff Germany

Queen Mother in Realm (OKC)

Roxxie Ray Starr Devasquez

Grandfather to Reign XIII

 Grandmother to Reign XIII

Royal Godfather to Reign XIII

Rusty Clyma

George McCauslan

Fairy Grandmother to Reign XIII

Miranda Ray 

Reign XIII Half Emperor

Pao (Waco)

Reign XIII Half Empress

Shonda La Vera (Waco)

Anjelfire Sommer-Starr (Dallas)

Sister Harlet

Raven Delray

Nichole Hill

Shemoane Sommore

Royal Calvary

Home Bar(s) to Reign XIII

The Tulsa Eagle

Frankie’s OKC

Royal Leather Guard to Reign XIII

Ambassadors to Reign XIII