The Imperial Court of All Oklahoma, Inc.

a Non-Profit 501(c)(3) Charity

Standing Tall, Heart of Texas, Sooner State Grounded

Sapphire & RaRa Aurora Borealis, Stately Flamingo

Yes Another country Song

Alma  Turn Up Your Hearing Aids

TexOkie State Line Crossing 2 Time Emperor of 2 Jo’s

Pickup Driving Southern Cowboy

Nellie Emperor #43

Emperor 12

Jeff Germany

His Majesty's Drink - Bud Light
His Majesty's Shot - Fireball
His Majesty's Colors - Sapphire and Aurora Borealis
His Majesty's Flower - Hydrangea
His Majesty's Spirit Animal - Flamingo

Oklahoma's Indigo White and Silver

Humble-hearted, spirit of the Thunderbird

The sassy but not too classy, dude in a dress

I'm not white trash, I'm white clutter.

Usually two steps ahead of the plan.

It’s not slander if it’s true

Time served, not credited

Empress 12

Keri Jo Scudder-Allan

Her Majesty's Drink - Michelob Ultra
Her Majesty's Shot - Fireball
Her Majesty's Colors - Indigo, White & Silver
Her Majesty's Flower - Peruvian Rose
Her Majesty's Spirit Animal - Thunderbird

Reign XII Theme

Through Action and Compassion, 

We Are Changing Lives.

Reign XII Charities

Other Options

The Grateful Day Foundation

Health Outreach Prevention Education (H.O.P.E.)

Reign XII Song

Can't Fight the Feeling

Line of Succession

Imperial Crown Prince to Reign XII

His Royal Highness,

Daddy Jim Scudder-Whorez

Imperial Crown Princess to Reign XII

Her Royal Highness,

Rayna Over

Prince Royale to Reign XII

His Highness,

Princess Royale to Reign XII

Her Highness,

Grand Duke to Reign XII

Grand Duchess to Reign XII

Duke to Reign XII

Duchess to Reign XII

Marquis to Reign XII

Marquessa to Reign XII

Count to Reign XII

Countess to Reign XII

Knight to Reign XII

Dame to Reign XII

Lord to Reign XII

Lady to Reign XII


Sister Court to Reign XII

His Majesty's Imperial Consort

Reign XII King Father

Scrappy Saint Johns

Her Majesty's Imperial Consort

Reign XII Queen Mother

Donna Dumea

His Majesty's King Fathers

Ray Roxxstarr Stone

Bobby Birchmier

His Majesty's Queen Mothers

Cougar Anne Wiley

Amazona Rivers

Her Majesty's King Fathers

Adrian the Second

J Larry Finch

Her Majesty's Queen Mothers

Chelsea Starr

Brianna Allan

His Majesty's Imperial


John Terrill

His Majesty's Imperial Grandmother

Lonnie Thomas

Her Majesty's Imperial


Rusty Clyma

George McCauslan

Her Majesty's Imperial Grandmothers

Eden Sterling

Keri Lynn Sommers

Reign XII Half Emperor

JD Swisher

Reign XII Half Empress

Scarlett Rayne

Half Emperors to His Majesty

Jeffrey McGuire

Robert Buckner

Steve Back

Dalton Murphy

Half Empresses to His Majesty

Audrey Jo Schwartz

Melody Lane

Danielle Starr

Italy-Nicole Jenkins

Half Emperors to Her Majesty

Craig Sommers

Kevin Steward

Ashton B Stone

Phoenix Grayskull

Will Devo Kane-Jaymes

Steve Marino

Half Empresses to Her Majesty

Shanda LaVera

Aphelia Butts

Diamond Devereaux

Delightful Tickles

Esmerelda Kane-Jaymes

Brandi Marie Powers

Penny Cilyn

His Majesty's Brothers

His Majesty's Sisters

Her Majesty's Brothers

Her Majesty's Sisters

His Majesty's Other Honorarium

Her Majesty's Other Honorarium

Reign XII Honorarium