The Imperial Court of All Oklahoma, Inc.

a Non-Profit 501(c)(3) Charity

The Royal Blue & Midnight Black nerdy, dirty & flirty, This guy has a photogenic memory that never develops,
Dark Knight of the Great Plains of Oklahoma, Absolute Emperor XI Ray Roxxstarr Stone

Reign XI Theme

Remembering Traditions, 

While Breaking New Grounds

His Majesty's Drink - Washington Apple

His Majesty's Shot - Touchdown

His Majesty's Colors - Royal Blue & Midnight Black

His Majesty's Flower - White Lotus

His Majesty's Animal - Snow Lion

His Majesty's Home Bar - Tulsa Eagle

Reign XI Charities

The Foundation for Exceptional Warriors (The F.E.W.)

Health Outreach Prevention Education (H.O.P.E.)

Openarms Youth Project (OYP) Closed July 30, 2018

Line of Succession

Imperial Crown Prince to Reign XI

His Royal Highness,

Tyler Riviera St. James

Imperial Crown Princess to Reign XI

Her Royal Highness,

Imperial Crown Princet to Reign XI

Their Royal Highness,

Panda (resigned 8-29-18)

Prince Royale to Reign XI

His Highness,
Ryan Savon Lucas Monroe

Princess Royale to Reign XI

Her Highness,

Krystall Riviera Steward

King Fathers to His Majesty & Reign XI

Scrappy de la Daraco Saint Johns (In-Realm)

Ashton B Stone (Austin) (Out-of-Realm)

Grand Duke to Reign XI

Daddy Jim Scudder-Whores

Queen Mothers to His Majesty & Reign XI

Carolyn Cougar Anne Savon-Ewing Wiley (In-Realm)

Tracey Willingham (Fort Worth) (Out-of-Realm)

Grand Duchess to Reign XI

Keri Jo Scudder-Allan

Duke to Reign XI

Mitch Braden

Daddy Ursa Riviera Saint James (Bruce)

Duchess to Reign XI

Amanda Vine Roxxstarr

Emily Thorn

Marquis to Reign XI

Scotty Dormont

Jeff Germany

Geroge McCauslan

Marquessa to Reign XI

Stacey McBride O'neil

Rayna Over

Count to Reign XI

Countess to Reign XI

Knight to Reign XI
Jay Gable (elevated from Lord 9-29-18)
Flynn Riviera Paige (elevated from Lord 9.29.18)

Lord to Reign XI

Gabriel X

Billy Jackson

Triton Paige

Lady to Reign XI



Sister Court to Reign XI

His Majesty's Imperial Consort

Roxxie Ray Starr

Half Emperors to His Majesty

Craig Bolson (Dallas)

Kevin Steward (Omaha)

Roel Kane-Jaymes Big Lord (San Antonio)

Half Empresses to His Majesty

Delilah Devasquez (Dallas)

The Lovely Michele (San Antonio)

Keana Lord (San Antonio)

His Majesty's Big Brothers

Cubby Christopher Pardo (Houston)

His Majesty's Big Sister

His Majesty's Little Brothers

Bart Willingham (Fort Worth)

Phoenix Gray Skull (Waco)

Go Go Bear (Houston)

His Majesty's Little Sister

His Majesty's Imperial Grandfather

J Larry Finch (Dallas)

His Majesty's Imperial Grandmother

Devon Devasquez (Dallas)

Honorary King Father to His Majesty

Will Devo Kane-Jaymes (San Antonio)

Honorary Uncle to His Majesty

Honorary Aunt to His Majesty

Diane Pressel (Fort Worth)

Imperial DJ to His Majesty

Wes Bigfeather (Tulsa Eagle)

Imperial Mixologist to His Majesty

Joseph Shane Cameron (Tulsa Eagle)

Derek West (Tulsa Eagle)

Royal Leather Guard to the ICAO & Reign XI