The Imperial Court of All Oklahoma, Inc.

a Non-Profit 501(c)(3) Charity

Protocol Submission

This page is for Coronation protocol submissions by other Courts. ICAO Members, please use submission form in Members tab.


Please send your Court’s Protocol by e-mail to our Coronation XII Committee.

Please include "Protocol" and your Court's name/City in the subject line Click Here

Early Protocol deadline is April 3, 2019

Late Protocol will be accepted in Hospitality during Saturday lunch. 

Please review your electronically submitted protocol in Hospitality on the day of Coronation, April 6, 2019

Please clearly write or type and phonetically spell on 8.5” x 11” paper with 14-font and double-spaced. 

We observe the "One Title, One Walk" policy. 

House music will be provided during Court walks. 

We reserve the right to edit all protocol. 

For more information, Contact Us