The Imperial Court of All Oklahoma, Inc.

a Non-Profit 501(c)(3) Charity

Past Sponsors:

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Reign IV:
Pflag Tulsa (Cash Donation to the Reign IV) 
TW's AFAB Catering (Sponsored Food- Black and White Ball)
Courtyard Marriott downtown Tulsa (Room for hosts - Black and White Ball)
Tulsa Pride (Silver Level Sponsor Coronation V)

Reign V:
TW's AFAB Catering (Sponsored Food - ICP Ball)
Tulsa Sisters (Provided Food - Hospitality Coronation VI)

Reign VI:
Other Options Inc, Friends Food Pantry (Cash Donation to Reign VI)                            
Tulsa Sisters (Provided Food - Hospitality Coronation VII)
Green Country Bears (Provided Food - Hospitality Coronation VII)
The Bamboo Lounge (Donated Liquor for shots - Victory Shot Party Coronation VII)


Reign VII:

Area 18 (Silver Level  Sponsor Reign VII & Victory Shot Party Coronation VIII) 
Other Options Inc, Friends Food Pantry (Cash Donation to Reign VII)
Green Country Bears (Provided Food - Hospitality Coronation VIII)
Tulsa Sisters (Provided Food - Hospitality Coronation VIII)

Reign VIII:
New Age Renegade (Waived Door Cover if Membership Card Shown & Coronation IX Victory Shot Party)
Drunken D'lites (Sweets for various Fundraisers)
Other Options Inc. Friends Food Pantry (Food Donation - Empress' Ball)
Rose Rock Girls of Leather (Provided Food - Hospitality Coronation IX)
Great Plains Rodeo Association (Provided Food - Hospitality Coronation IX)

Reign IX:
Area 18 (Venue - Meet & Greet Coronation X)
Tulsa Eagle (Donated Liquor for shots - Victory Shot Party)

Reign X:
Bamboo Bar & Lounge (Waived door cover for Meet & Greet/Monarch Roast Coronation XI)
Tulsa Eagle (Donated Liquor for shots - Victory Shot Party)

Reign XI:
Tulsa Eagle (Donated Liquor for shots - Victory Shot Party)