The Imperial Court of All Oklahoma, Inc.

a Non-Profit 501(c)(3) Charity

Committee Chairpersons

Coronation XVI Committee:

         Ball Coordinator - Empress XII Keri Jo Scudder-Allan

Monarch Screening Committee:

Dean, College of Monarchs / E & E Council - 

Dowager Monarchs Emperor XIV Eric'Shun Tarclure & Empress XIV Morganna Pheeling Tarclure

ByLaws / Policies and Procedures Committee:

Empress XII Keri Jo Scudder-Allan

Pride Committee:

Baroness Brooke Lynn Starz & Countet Ash Knight Kringle

Social Media Committee:

Grand Duke Scotty Dormont

Marquis Razor Youngblood

Empress XII Keri Jo Scudder-Allan


Scotty Dormont

Lord Stewards

ICP's Triton Scudder Paige & Kitty Scudder Quinn

Minister of Protocol

Princess Royale Ruby Jo Dawn Tarclure