The Imperial Court of All Oklahoma, Inc.

a Non-Profit 501(c)(3) Charity

Board of Directors

Each open Board Position is elected at the start of the Reign for a 2 year term unless other wise noted below.

See PNP's for duties of each position.

President & Secretary are elected - Even Years. 

Vice President, Treasurer and Member at Large are elected - Odd Years.

Dean of the College is an unexpired postion. 


Executive Board


Adrian Rolle

(Absolute Emperor II)

Email President


Vice President


(Emperor I, V Scrappy)

Email Vice President



John Faulconer

(Khloe K Ray)

Email Secretary


Jason Strauss

Email Treasurer

Non Executive Board

Emperor X

Trever Roberts

(Trevor Ray Devereaux)

Email Emperor X

Empress X

Tiffanie Overstreet

(Roxxie Ray Starr)

Email Empress X


Dean - College of Monarchs


(Emperor I & V Scrappy) 

Member at Large

Sean w Fix


Email Member at Large

Imperial Crown Prince

Jason Strauss

Imperial Crown Princess

John Faulconer

(Khloe K Ray)