The Imperial Court of All Oklahoma, Inc.

a Non-Profit 501(c)(3) Charity

Their Most Royal, Sovereign Majesties 

The Bashful and Half Naked, Grey Pearl & Tiffiany Blue, Geek Chick Twink Snow Owl Emperor, Emperor X Trevor Tack Saint Johns Tyler Savon Starr Ray Devereaux


The I'm not an Indian Princess I'm the Cherokee Empress, Turquoise & Titanium, Steel Magnolia of the south, She Wolf Empress, Empress X Roxxie Starr Lucas Poers Floppy cock Steward Butts Delite Whorez Scrappy Saint Johns McGuire Jaymes Devereaux Ray Starr

Reign X Theme

Honoring the Past, Treasuring the Present, 

Shaping the Future

Reign X Charities

A Friend For A Friend

American Red Cross

Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma

The Foundation for Exceptional Warriors (The F.E.W.)

Health Outreach Prevention Education (H.O.P.E.)

Openarms Youth Project (OYP)

Other Options Inc., Friends Food Pantry

Planned Parenthood of Great Plains 

Line of Succession

Imperial Crown Prince to Empress X

His Royal Highness,

Ray Roxxstarr Stone

Imperial Crown Princess to Emperor X

Her Royal Highness,

Jinnie Horta

Princess Royale

Her Highness,

Prince Royale

His Highness,

King Fathers to Her Majesty

 Emperor I, V Scrappy (In-Realm)

 Emperor X Steve Marino (Phoenix)(Out-of-Realm)

Queen Mother to Her Majesty

Empress VIII Chelsea Starr (In-Realm)

Empress XXXIII Devon Devasquez (Dallas) (Out-of-Realm)

Grand Duchess to Reign X

King Father to His Majesty

Emperor II Adrian Rolle (In-Realm)

Emperor XXXXI J Larry Finch (Dallas) (Out-of-Realm)

Queen Mother to His Majesty

Empress III, VII Miranda Ray (In-Realm)

Jessica Tyler (Iowa) (Out-of-Realm)

Empress XII Diamond Devereaux (Chicago) (Out-of-Realm)

Grand Duke to Reign X

Tyler Thulin

Bruce Beldon

Marquessa to Reign X

Hannah Boatner (Venus Fire)

Frankie Laita (Simone Fire Savon-Ewing)

Marquis to Reign X

Scotty Dormont

John Clarence Duncan (Clarence Blue)

George McCauslan

Duchess to Reign X

Andrew Hocker (Amanda Vine)

Amanda Clark (Emily Thornne)

Duke to Reign X

Sean Fix (Jean Kai Panda)

Countess to Reign X

Count to Reign X

Lady to Reign X

Lord to Reign X

Dr. S.M.B. Miller (Gabriel X)

James Hardy (Jase)

James Kelly

Ryan Reavis


Sister Court to Reign X

King Grandfather to Reign X

Queen Grandmother to Reign X

Her Majesty's Consort

Wes Bigfeather

His Majesty's Consort

Half Emperors to Her Majesty

Emperor XLIV Salvadore Evans-Tovar (San Francisco)

Emperor XXII Aleah Rico (Albuquerque)

Emperor XXII Ashton B. Stone (Austin) 

Emperor XXXXI J. Larry Finch (Dallas)

Emperor XXXV J.D. Swisher (Fort Worth)

Half Empresses to Her Majesty

Empress XXIII Shanda LaVera (Waco)

Empress XXXXII Daniell Starr (Dallas)

Empress XXXV Scarlett Rayne (Fort Worth)

Half Emperors to His Majesty

Half Empresses to His Majesty

Her Majesty's Big Sisters & Big Brothers

Her Majesty's Sisters & Brothers

Her Majesty's Little Sisters & Little Brothers

Her Majesty's Brothel

Area 18 (Closed) 

Her Majesty's Hide Out 

Bamboo Bar and Lounge

His Majesty's Big Brothers & Big Sisters

His Majesty's Brothers & Sisters

His Majesty's Little Brothers & Little Sisters

His Majesty's Leather Bar

 Tulsa Eagle

Royal Leather Guard to the ICAO & Reign X