The Imperial Court of All Oklahoma, Inc.

a Non-Profit 501(c)(3) Charity

Applications & Event Forms

Click on a Subpage for Membership or Monarch Applications. Scroll down the page for any Event Forms you might need. Print out what you need for Reign VII. If your unable to print a form or application or need something not listed, please contact any board member or email the I.C.A.O. at [email protected]

Event Forms

Click on any link below to view and print out form. Fill in all blanks the best you can, including reign year and fical year end dates if requied on needed form.



Submit to the Board of Directors a minimum of 6 weeks prior for approval.


Agreement Producer Copy

Only use if requested and signed by reigning monarchs



Contact Board Treasurer for the 3 part carbonless form version. 



Contact any Board Member for the 3 part carbonless form version.

Jello Shots


only use if not part of another event and turned in to Board Treasurer.

Silent Auction

Bid Sheet

Please turn in all completed forms to a Board Member. 

All money raised at an event is to be turned into Board Treasurer.  

Keep a copy for your own personal files. 

Remember that one Board Member has to be present at all events dealing with money.