The Imperial Court of All Oklahoma, Inc.

a Non-Profit 501(c)(3) Charity

The College of Monarchs

*Please Note Reign I - III*

Each Monarch Reign I - III stepped up as Czar or Czarina of the Royal Barony of All Oklahoma.

During Reign IV, all monarchs were elevated to Emperor or Empress of the Imperial Court of All Oklahoma

Reign I

Their Most Royal, Soverign and Imperial Majesties 

Emperor I

Philip "Scrappy" Gaffney Saint Johns

Empress I

Kris Cheri Rae Kohl

Reign II

His Most Royal, Sovereign and Imperial Majesty

Absolute Emperor II

Adrian the Second

Reign III

Their Most Royal, Sovereign and Imperial Majesties 

Emperor III

James Saint Johns Murray Ray Lee Love

Empress III

Miranda Powers Ray Lee Love

Reign IV

Their Most Royal, Sovereign and Imperial Majesties

Emporer IV

Johnathan St. Clare Peru Tackett

Empress IV

Dominique St. Johns Kohl LaRue

Reign V

Their Most Royal, Sovereign and Imperial Majesties

Emperor V

Philip "Scrappy" Saint Johns

Empress V

Kris Cheri Rae Kohl

Reign VI

Her Most Royal, Sovereign and Imperial Majesty

Absolute Empress VI 

Carolyn "Cougar Anne Savon-Ewing" Wiley

Reign VII

Their Most Royal, Sovereign and Imperial Majesties

Emperor VII

Rusty Clyma  

Empress Miranda Murray Powers Ray Lee Love

Reign VIII

Her Most Royal, Sovereign and Imperial Majesty

Absolute Empress VIII

Chelsea Ray Starr